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Pilot Field Redevelopment

Please read our latest update on the status of the Pilot Field Redevelopment here

Next steps

The PFARA Committee is asking its supporters to email (or write to) councillors to remind councillors of their manifesto promises (by all parties) before the recent elections not to sell the lands at Tilekiln and Pilot Field for any developments. Even if it is just a couple of lines just say why you want the two sites to remain green. Councillors say that emails/letters from individuals carry weight. If enough response is shown in favour of not selling these sites then this may convince the councillors to stick to their original promises.


Local councillors can be emailed at: (Baird) (Baird) (Health and Culture Portfolio Holder) (St Helen’s) (Deputy Council Leader and Tilekiln) (Council Leader and Tilekiln) (Our East Sussex County Councillor)


Also alternatively, you could email all councillors at or write

to them at Muriel Matters House, Breeds Place, Hastings, TN34 3UY

Main areas of concern:


  • Loss of local facilities: The present Sports and Social Club provides a well used community facility for many local organisations and people.  The loss of it will be felt widely, and have negative social impact, in a deprived ward, and a locality with little community infrastructure.

  • Inadequate Water and Sewage Provision: It is well known fact that local flooding regularly occurs in the areas below the Pilot Field.  The addition of 86 houses will add to this serious problem.

  • Unrealistic Traffic Projections: 86 houses giving rise potentially to 300 plus occupants will increase traffic beyond the proposal's low estimate. This will result in congestion and the Ridge being even more hazardous than it is right now 

  • Insufficient Parking Spaces: Leading to hazards and obstructions associated with increased overflow parking in surrounding roads where bus routes and emergency vehicles are already being obstructed by parked cars.

  • Ecology: A wide diversity of animal and plants are to be found in the development area.  These include protected species.  Badger setts, bat roosts, mature trees and plant indicators of ancient woodland are present. The proposed development will likely encroach on woodland as artist site impressions are overly optimistic with regard to the space required by the build.   Suggestions about protecting the ecology are not sufficiently detailed in plans

Click here to view the proposed planning application details.

What are we campaigning for?

  • Retention of communal green spaces

  • Introduction of local amenities to support a growing community

  • Upgrade to the existing sewage and drainage infrastructure to prevent surface flooding

What can you do? 

  1. Sign the petition objecting to the proposed development of 86 houses on the Pilot Field.  

  2. Share this page with your neighbours:

  3. Contact us directly if you have any question or information that might help with our cause.

Pilot Field Redevelopment: Welcome

Reasons to Object

Social Impact

The proposal offers nothing to compensate for the loss of the well used Sports and Social Club and the football club which would have a negative social impact in a deprived ward and a locality with little other community infrastructure.    


The Tilekiln facilities would not offer a viable alternative given the distance and inconvenience of getting across town.


Traffic and parking

The proposal underestimates the volume of traffic created by 300+ occupants which will result in congestion, more rat runs, and the Ridge becoming even more hazardous.

The proposal provides inadequate parking for residents and none for visitors leading to hazards and obstructions associated with increased overflow parking in surrounding roads where pedestrians, buses and emergency vehicles are already hampered by parked cars.

Water and Sewage

The proposal offers inadequate drainage of water and sewage provision for 86 houses adding to the existing problem of local flooding, sewage overflow and erosion regularly occurring in several roads downhill from the Pilot Field.


Nature and Greenspace

The proposal lacks sufficiently detailed plans to protect the local ecology containing a wide diversity of animals and plants including protected species around the Pilot Field.  These include badger setts, bat roosts, mature and rare trees and plant’s plant indicators of ancient woodland.  Developer’s plans are overly optimistic regarding the space required by the development which will encroach on the surrounding woodland.

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