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Mt Denys / Pine Hill Development

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

This update concerns itself with the section of the Dept for Education (DfE) owned* ‘Ex-Helenswood Site’ that is not occupied by Flagship School (see above), as shown on the map here. As many of you will know, this site has been identified for the potential development of 113 residential dwellings across the strip of land spanning the ‘ex-Mount Denys’ site on the Ridge/St Helen’s Down through to Pilot Road. (*Owned previously by East Sussex County Council but still with some residual covenants over the land as to its future use.)

The development is outlined in the August 2021 version of the Hastings Borough Council (HBC) Development Plan which is currently at the consultation phase. HBC are preparing a report on consultation outcomes (the first consultation occurred during lock-down) and further consultation is expected to occur mid-2022. HBC has identified the following development considerations:

  • Provide 40% affordable housing.

  • Take account of Southern Water's underground infrastructure in layout.

  • Boundary landscaping between the site and the Flagship School.

  • Impact on flood risk downstream from all sources of flooding.

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