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Update on the Helenswood/Mt Denys Site (June 2022)

Some residents may well have noticed that a PCM estate agent’s ‘Sold’ sign has recently been placed at the Mount Denys Site, on the corner of St Helens Down and the Ridge. We have made enquiries of HBC regarding who the site has been sold to and the timeline for any proposed developments. We will keep you updated on what is revealed.

As mentioned in previous newsletters, the Mount Denys site has been extended to

include the strip of ex-Helenswood land that is not part of Flagship School. There are no current updates on this site beyond us having made enquiries of the Council about

whether HBC has approached the Dept. of Education to request change of use of the land and how the site became placed on the Brown Field Site Register by HBC.

The timeline for the Hastings Local Plan, the document that outlines the Council’s

intended development sites, has been revised again by the Council. The Pre-submission

Draft Plan, considering the January-March 2021 round of consultation, was due to be

published in June 2022. It is now anticipated to be published, and consulted on, winter

2022/23. We will update you once this process moves forward.

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