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Update on the Pilot Field Redevelopment

On 1 June the Planning Committee considered the planning applications for a football

stadium and two 3G pitches at Tilekiln and a housing development on the Pilot Field.

PFARA has worked hard in recent months to compile a range of many valid reasons why these proposals should not go ahead. See our website for more details.

The Tilekiln decision was made first. Peter Bailey (Chair of PFARA) and Meya Evans (ward councillor for Tilekiln and Deputy Council Leader) both gave presentations against the proposal but it was approved unanimously following recommendation from the Planning Officer.

Similarly for the Pilot Field housing development proposal, presentations objecting to this were given by Peter Bailey and our two local councillors, Rob Cooke and Mike Turner.

However again the proposal was recommended for approval by the Planning Officer and there was only one vote against it.

Hope is not lost

Despite these decisions, the council still must agree to sell the lands to the developers.

Bearing in mind the statement from Paul Barnett (leader of the Council) before the local elections, namely that the decision had been made to keep both areas green in line with the Council’s Green policy, this would be a major turnaround if they now decided to sell.

Next steps

The PFARA Committee is asking its supporters to email (or write to) councillors to remind councillors of their manifesto promises (by all parties) before the recent elections not to sell the lands at Tilekiln and Pilot Field for any developments. Even if it is just a couple of lines just say why you want the two sites to remain green. Councillors say that emails/letters from individuals carry weight. If enough response is shown in favour of not selling these sites then this may convince the councillors to stick to their original promises.

Local councillors can be emailed at; (Health and Culture Portfolio Holder) (Deputy Council Leader and Tilekiln) (Council Leader and Tilekiln) (Our East Sussex County Councillor)

Also alternatively, you could email all councillors at or write

to them at Muriel Matters House, Breeds Place, Hastings, TN34 3UY

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