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What's happening at the old Helenswood School?

Updated: May 6, 2022

The Flagship School – School Building Update (April 2022)

From Helen Kay (Head teacher):

As you will have seen, great progress with the build of the permanent Flagship School is going well. We are hoping that the building will be completed by September 2022. This is a small delay to our original time-table, caused largely due to the severe storms we recently experienced. We do not anticipate any significant disruptions to local residents as a result of the build. The major works in respect of mains supplies have been done – and as you have seen, the core building blocks for the school are now in place.

We are anticipating moving into the new school at the end of September or in early October. However, with building works unexpected delays are always possible. Landscaping of the area around the school will be taken forward as part of the build; developing a small farm and creating a ‘green space’ for pupils to access. We are also planning a tree planting exercise, to ensure that our environment is as green as possible for the pupils.

We are excited about the progress that is being made with the build. We do not at this stage, anticipate any need for additional help from local residents. However, once we have moved into our new building, we may well benefit from some additional help and support. We are very grateful for the support that you have given us to date. And we are really excited, at the school, as we see the building being developed next door.

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